With the farmer's market become more and more popular, we found out that people are always confused about when and where is the most convenient farmer's market for them. Through the map, we want to deliver multiple yet well constructed information  help people get better understand which farmer's market is best for them.


With so many information on hand, we need to found the best way to layering the hierarchies of the all the information. By using color, fonts, typography, to help people get all the information they need while don't get confused.


Based on how people feel about when they talking about farmer's market, we decided to set up a Hopeful, Light, Healthy, Peaceful, Energetic for the map. We built a mood board and style sheets, so we could set up the tone and arranged the hierarchies through them.

We used the color coded system to separates the dates through the week while using the pin to highlight where the farmer's market located.