Class assignment for Data Metrics and Visualization. he annual report team and I chose are HP, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft. We want to compare their financial performance to see how these four tech companies with long histories transitioning into applying cloud system in their own areas of expertise.

We want to making the financial terms easier for the person who don’t have financial background to understand.


It is challenge understand with finical numbers and unfamiliar language. It is very difficult for us, without finical background to understand what is the most important number in the annual report. So that we can help people understand how these four company performed during the big shift in tech industries by great demands in the cloud service system. How they adapting the change in the industry


By using the circle, we try to explain the relationship between Revenue, Gross profit and net income, and compare the overall situation of the four companies during 2014.

By comparing the revenue to show the how big the scale of these four companies during 2014

By comparing the gross profit , we want to see how good the financial health of these four companies are during 2014. The ghost line relate to scale of company which equates to the 100% scale.

Gross Profit is all about percentage of profit from selling product.

By comparing the how many income each company made. This data is about pure product profit, excluding the expense.


Instead of creating a timeline, to show the big shift through companies' history. we decide to compare the 5 years, we want to show that how the big the scale of the company has transform into the current state. So we can see the bigger context to understand the information.

By comparing the 5 years net income, we want to show that the trends of companies’ performance.

So we can see the bigger picture of the company without single out the extreme example year